An electric hot knife is a useful but dangerous tool for children to use.
When teaching children to use it, go
over the safety rules first. They can use a
cheese plane instead to do the job.

In this photo the adult is guiding the
child's hand for her first try using a
hot knife.

After the wax cappings are cut off, the
frame will be placed in the extractor
seen in the lower right corner.






Blaine using the cappings scratcher to take off more wax

Blaine is using a cappings scratcher to
take wax off spots he missed with the hot knife.
He will save the cappings and let the excess honey drain off them. Later he can melt them to use the wax for candles or hand lotion bars. The lotion
bars are a mixture of beeswax and olive oil.

Harvesting the Honey,
a Beekeeper's Reward For a Good Job

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cartoon bee




Bees coming home
Bees bring in the honey that we harvest. We always leave them some for the months that don't have what we call a nectar flow.


      child learning to hold hot knife  

Blaine cutting cappings off honey frame

Blaine's mother is holding his honey frame as he carefully cuts off the wax cappings. Note he is going down which is much safer.

















  cappings   Blaine putting honey frame in the extractor
  Another tool to use for uncapping honey we discovered is a cheese plane. It is much safer than a hot knife and makes these nice cappings.   After taking off the cappings, each frame is put into the extractor which will spin the honey out of the frames.
  placing the sieve   watching the honey flow into the sieve
  After spinning the frames, Griffin is ready to put his sieve under the spigot over his bucket.   Now Griffin is watching with pride his second honey harvest. His next steps will be to skim off any floating wax particles and then bottle and label his honey.
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