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Here are some other web sites from far and wide that you will enjoy.


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This one is from Graham Law in England.

Dave Cushman has a really big site. He is also from England. He helps me a lot!
The National Honey Board has this site page for children.
The Betterbee Company sells supplies.
Building plans and information can be downloaded at this site.
Here's another site from England that is mainly for children.
A student from Nebraska recommended A Kid's Guide to Honey - History, Recipes and More-
The student also recommended Bug and Insect Learning Center for Kids.
A student named Dave from Delaware recommended
I appreciate students passing on this information! Feel free to contact me if you find a good site other students will learn from.
If you want to see an absolutely fabulous collection of bee photos, go to Zachary Huang has photos of healthy bees and combs as well as photos of various diseases and mites. This is a very educational site!
Bees are insects. When you study them, you are an entomologist. To learn what is inside of a bee look at the Rothamsted Research DeBug interactive entomology web site . You will have fun with other pages on this site while learning a lot about bees and other bugs! The photos are terrific!
O'Niell's with dome hiveThe O'Niell children and their dad moved the established plastic dome out into my garden over a swarm. Mike O'Niell designed the platform that supports the bell jar.

Beekeepers get Jessie with a skep on her heada little silly at times. Jessie Peterson decided to be a living beehive for Halloween. The little yellow specks around the skep are pipe cleaner bees. We can't keep bees in skeps in the U.S.A. but it is nice to be able to show people what they look like.

family looking at observation hiveFinding the queen can be a family contest!

The two observation hive photos were taken by Len Felsenfeld, member of Sonoma County Beekeepers Association.

boy looking at observation hiveThis little guy is trying to find the queen in the observation hive colony.

Did you know the average worker honey bee makes only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her life?

Did you know it would take about one ounce of honey to fuel a honey bee's flight around the world?


Learning to find the queen is one of the many lessons you will master in beekeeping.Can you find her in this little swarm?
Hint: Look in the center for a very shiny, long bee.

queen bee in swarm

This was an unusual swarm in October.

Using the above web sites and many other resources will contribute to your beekeeping expertise
but putting on that beesuit and actually working with the bees is really necessary and more exciting!

If you have any interesting pictures of children working with or learning about bees, perhaps you would like to share them on this site. Please send them to Ettamarie Peterson, site manager at . You will be given credit, ot course.




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