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Observation Hives

girls and boys building observation hive   girls building observation hive  
Measuring the parts as they assembled the hives was an important lesson.
Each family now has an observation hive.The children learn a lot monitoring their hives.
  Mike and Gerry were the fathers that supervised this building project. They did the parts children could not do such as running the power saws. The children did all the sanding and much of the assembling.  
Ag day observation hive   Kathy Cox with 4-H girls
This finished observation hive was part of the Ag Day display the Liberty 4-H students worked in.They taught hundreds of school children about bees.
The plans for this observation hive can be found at www.beesource.com.
  Kathy Cox, member of the Sonoma County Beekeepers Association assisted the Liberty 4-H beekeepers at the Ag Day in case they had any difficult questions to answer. Adults and students enjoy working together.  

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